Professional Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. (POSI) is a firm that specializes in providing services to companies who are looking to outsource their business processes. Prior to establishing the firm, the Principals of POSI has had over 40 years of combined experience working at an accounting practice. Soon, it became evident that clients were asking for services that were outside of the scope of a CPA firm. In 2002, the principals, along with other individuals from diverse business backgrounds, started POSI with the goal of building a long-term relationship with clients; to act as an outside partner, to perform non-strategic business functions, allowing them to focus on the core business.

Our experienced staff can handle all of your accounting needs. Our range of accounting services.

Do you find preparing your payroll a hassle? Let our highly experienced staff take care of them for you.
The POSI Accounting Outsourcing adjusts to the needs of the client and aims toward the actualization of the merits of the outsourcing.

Business improvement for cost reduction

IT rerated enterprise
(Approximately 30 employees)

Release from the labor of hiring & training

Communication service
(Approximately 50 employees)